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ePower Technology, home of ePower Bicycles, was born from necessity and passion. The necessity was due to Covid 19 crushing our wedding and summer camp business, www.rutsyspursranch.com. Let’s face it, there weren’t a lot of weddings or summer camps happening in 2020. In an effort to save the business, I decided to make our cabin lodging available to the public as a safe little getaway spot. While we already had many fun outdoor activities, I wanted to add more. I decided to add eBike rentals, so guests could ride on the many trails we have on the ranch.

The search for the perfect eBike began. I managed to find a company that actually had a couple of eBikes in stock and made a purchase. Once the bikes arrived, I immediately fell in love with them. I rode my bike every day and soon realized that the quality and the power (500W) of the eBikes that I purchased were poor. The search was on for a quality eBike with lots of power. I soon discovered that eBikes were in short supply, and the eBikes that were available were of poor quality and low power. Hence the beginning of ePower Bicycles.

I contacted many eBike manufacturers and finally found a couple of manufacturers that would build eBikes with the specifications and quality that I required. I ordered samples and personally put them through rigorous testing. What we offer now is something that I’m proud to say is of the quality and price that you’re sure to appreciate.

You have my promise that if you decide to invest in one of ePower Bicycles eBikes, eTrikes, or eScooters, you will receive a quality product and customer service second to none. Your satisfaction is our only goal!! It’s time you take your fitness and fun to the next level with ePower Bicycles. Check out our full line of eBikes, eTrikes, and eScooters.

You must be 16 years or older to ride an eBike!



Our standard features and high quality materials make riding our electric bikes fun and easy. One ride on our bikes is all it takes for you to feel the difference of quality and craftsmanship.

We will professionally assemble, deliver, and give you a quick lesson on how to operate and maintain your ebike. (Only within a 100 mile radius of zip code 95252.)


Our eBikes

$699 - $2,199

At ePower Bicycles, our motors are more powerful than many competitors, with all but our eco bike having a 750 watt motor and equipped with Samsung batteries. Our bikes come in two colors options: black or white. In addition, our bikes are all 21 speed where most competitors only have 7. These additional gears make mountain riding and other activities easier and seamless.  These bikes have everything you need for a safe and fun day on the trail, the beach, or just a stroll down the road.

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Take one for a test ride today. We have dealers in convenient locations for you to browse our selections in person.


Our bikes feature front fork suspension, a bottle rack, a rear cargo rack, a headlight, a tail light with a blinking break light, a phone charging port, and a bell. All of our bikes either come with fenders, or fenders are available. The extras are what makes our bikes top all competition.

Take your riding to the next level.

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