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DISCLAIMER OF CONSEQUENTIAL AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES: THE ORIGINAL REGISTERED PURCHASER OF THIS BIKE, OR eSCOOTER SUBSEQUENT OWNERS AND ALL OTHER INTENDED AND UNINTENDED USERS OF THIS eBIKE, OR, eSCOOTER, SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO RECOVER FROM ePOWER TECHNOLOGY ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to the original owner. This warranty gives you specific rights and purchasers may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state. Damage caused by failing to follow instructions in the manual, acts of God, accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, commercial use, alterations, modification, improper assembly, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the ePower Technology ebike or escooter as sold, operator error, water damage, extreme riding, stunt riding, or improper follow-up maintenance is not covered under this warranty. Warranty parts will only be shipped within the continental United States.

Parts covered by the warranty: frame, forks, stem, handlebars, headset, seat post, saddle, brakes (excluding brake pads), lights, bottom bracket, crank set, pedals, rims, wheel hub, freewheel, cassette, derailleur, shifter, motor, throttle, controller, wiring harness, display (excluding damage due to water), kickstand, reflectors, and hardware. The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of 3rd party charger, improper maintenance or other such misuse, normal wear, or water damage (including rust).

Accessory aftermarket parts are not covered under warranty.

Stolen bikes are not covered under warranty.

Necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the bike and battery are not exposed to severe weather conditions. Exposure to very wet, hot, or cold conditions may void the warranty.

We will replace any parts deemed to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported to ePower Technology within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all products including bikes, scooters, and accessories.

You will NOT be refunded as compensation for your time or efforts replacing damaged parts.

Replacement parts will not be sent until photographic evidence has been provided to ePower Technology. ePower Technology may request additional documentation (such as video) to assist with accurately diagnosing the problem and processing the warranty claim.

Most warranty parts are fulfilled 1-10 business days after the request is put into our system by a customer service representative. Warranty parts are sent using USPS First Class, FedEx Express, or FedEx Ground depending on the size of the part. Warranty parts will not be expedited.

Items including the chain, tires, wheels, rims, tubes, brake rotors, brake pads, cables and housings, grips, and spokes are considered wear items. These items wear down with normal use and are not covered under warranty. You are responsible for replacing and maintaining these wear items.

Any unauthorized alterations or repairs are not covered and may void this warranty.

For warranty services, please contact ePower Technology online support by email at warranty@epowerbicycle.com. Bikes or parts returned without proper documentation may result in delayed service or denied warranty coverage. Warranty return shipping costs along with duties and taxes are the responsibility of the claimant. All unauthorized returns will be refused.

Note that your insurance policies may not provide coverage for accidents involving ePower Technology eBikes, or eScooters. To determine if coverage is provided, you should contact your insurance company or agent. Damage as a result from an accident is not covered under this warranty. ePower Technology is not responsible for repair or replacement of damaged bikes, scooters, or parts caused from accidents.

ePower Technology reserves the right to change its warranty at any time and without notice.

Any action, lawsuit, or other proceeding, under this warranty or otherwise related to the bike must be commenced within ninety (90) days after expiration of the one-year warranty period.


Customer Service

At ePower Technology, we pride ourselves on having exceptional customer support. We promise to do our best to treat fairly, with patience, and respect in every interaction. We kindly ask that you treat our customer support with the same, patience, and respect.

ePower Technology reserves the right to refuse service, or to sell our products, to any customer at our own discretion. This can include but may not be limited to suspension of warranty, issuance of refund, and/or termination of accounts/orders.


When ordering a product from our website your card will be charged in the full amount of the total purchase price, including any applicable tax and shipping fees, immediately.

During ordering ePower Technology will provide an estimate of time when products may ship. We reserve the right to change the estimated shipping date at any time without notice.

You may cancel an order any time prior to shipping for a full refund.

Bike Performance Disclaimer

The bikes listed range and top speed are estimates (not guarantees) of expected performance. Performance will vary with rider weight, cargo weight, rider /cargo shape (both contribute to drag), terrain, tire pressure, brake adjustment, throttle vs PAS usage, pedal power, battery charge level, ambient temperature, and wind conditions. Under certain conditions it is possible to get ranges and top speeds that are different from the listed estimates.

Credit Card Chargebacks

If a credit card chargeback is requested on an order, and the customer is still in possession of the product or products within the order, the chargeback, refund, or credit will not be processed until the product has been returned to us. If we determine the customer will retain the product, the warranty may be suspended indefinitely based on the sole discretion of ePower Technology. In most cases, once the chargeback is resolved the warranty will resume from the original date of shipping as outlined in the warranty without any extension for the time the warranty was suspended.

Direct to Consumer Model

ePower Technology sells its products direct, and through distributors. Any purchase of ePower Technology products from and unauthorized third party will not be covered under this warranty. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser. Purchasing a eBike, eScooter through ePower Technology for resale or rental use is strictly prohibited.

Liability Disclaimer

Riding any kind of eBicycle or eScooter comes with inherent risks and dangers that cannot be predicted or avoided. These dangers could result in a serious accident, injury, or death of the rider. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to become properly educated and prepared to ride safely. Once you receive your eBike, ePower Technology strongly encourages and recommends that all customers have a certified and reputable bicycle mechanic complete a full inspection of each component on the bicycle to ensure it is safe for operation. ePower Technology makes no claims or guarantees that the brakes, battery, frame, motor, motor controller, display, electrical cables, electrical cable housings, fasteners, grips, fork, stem, shifters, headset, seat post, seat post clamp, handlebar stem clamp, saddle, wheel hubs, handlebars, spokes, rims, tires, tubes, derailleur, freewheel, cassette, throttle, kickstand, lights, reflectors, hardware, bottom bracket, or any other part or accessory, will be properly secured and adjusted upon arrival. Before every ride fully inspect your bicycle to ensure everything is secured and adjusted properly.

Under no circumstances is ePower Technology responsible for any damage resulting from damaged, defective, or improperly secured parts. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to personal property, personal injury, or death.


Our bikes feature front fork suspension, a bottle rack, a rear cargo rack, a headlight, a tail light with a blinking break light, a phone charging port, and a bell. All of our bikes either come with fenders, or fenders are available. The extras are what makes our bikes top all competition.

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