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Beast 2000 eBike

The Beast 2000 has a 2,000 watt rear motor with enough power to help climb steep mountainous terrain or hilly city territory. This bike has 3 LCD displays with five speed levels is great for a casual stroll or for an action packed day of trails, with factory set speeds up to 28 MPH. Your Beast 2000 eBike comes standard with front fork adjustable suspension, front and rear fenders (optional), front head light, rear tail lights, phone charging port, rear rack (optional), water bottle rack, and 26”x4” tires and wheels. All ePower Beast 2000 eBikes also come equipped with 21 speed Shimano gears, and are equipped with thumb or twist throttle for ease of use and mechanical front and rear disk brakes. Face it this bike has everything you need for a safe and fun day of adventure.


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small motor logo image in grey color

48V 2000W rear motor

eighty percent battery full logo image

Removable 48V 20AH battery with USB phone charging port


21 speed Shimano, 28 mph max


1:1 PAS range, 25-40 miles

Color: White or Black
Motor: 48V 2000W rear motor, max torque 120N.m
Controller: Integrated 48V 2000W
Battery: Integrated locking & removable with charging port 48V 20AH Samsung cells
Display: 3 LCD displays, 5 speed levels
Tires: 26″ x 4”
Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
Speed: 28 mph max
Pedal Assist: 1:1 PAS range, 25-40 miles
Gears: 21 speed Shimano
Suspension: Front Fork On/Oaluminum alloy
Brake: Mechanical front & rear 180 mm disc brakes
Lights: LED front head light; rear taillight illuminates when headlight is on and blinks when brakes are applied
Wiring: Waterproof Rim: 6061 aluminum alloy
Charging: USB phone charging port Charge Time: 4-6 hrs
Optional Accessories: Rear cargo rack and plastic fenders
Weight: 84 lbs
Carton: 58.5”x15”x31”


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